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In this discussion a professor and an accomplished author discuss the world of authorship.


Interview with Siva Vaidhyanathan from David Shields.


In the next video below – Listen as Paul Zak talks about how he became known as “Dr Love”. He is the auther of a book that discusses the neurotransmitter which delivers feelings of trust and empathy through oxytocin.


The Wright Show: A scientist who hugs everyone he sees from the Center for Neuroeconomic Studies.



The above diavlogs are just a couple of the countless interviews featuring REAL dialogues on politics, ideas, and concepts.

You won’t see any scripted “talking points” or fake reactions. Ten years ago the concept was started of a split screen video dialogue where open and honest conversation could take place on a diverse array of views. The topic would be discussed in a respectful manner with thoughtful disagreements taking place. This tradition has been carried on for the last decade with great success.

Looking back many of the participants can say they were proven right in their predictions. As well as many of them can say the opposite. Time has proven to be the test of all things.

Open, Honest, Debate is the name of the game.





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